Thursday, December 17, 2015

Folk Tale

Little fox always made fun of others. Once they stuck a watermelon in the back of a hedgehog and flipped the hedgehog so that he can never turn over back to normal again. He also asked goose to eat the star and moon in the water and made the goose drink much water.

Because little fox always made fun of others. No one in the forest want to make friend with him anymore. He was really upset and decided to make a change. He made a gun and carried it into the forest. Animals ran away from him. Big yellow dog was the bravest animal in the forest and he decided to put little fox down. Little Fox shot him into his mouth. Big yellow dog was not hurt and he felt sweet in his mouth. He therefore realized that the bullet was made of sugar and chocolate. Knowing that little fox was using candy bullets, all animals changed to ask for a shot from little fox. Little fox ran out of bullet in short. He ran back to home quickly, filled all of his candies into an artillery, and made a final fire, a big one. All animals felt sweet and smiled as well as little fox himself. Little fox felt much happier than to make fun of others.

The happiness derived from sharing is a real happiness. It is much better than a happiness derived from schadenfreude. (Ruizhi Chen, China, 2015)

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