Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Pony across the River

Pony and his mother lived near a small river; he had a very happy lifetime with his mother. One day, his mother said to pony: “Pony, you have grown up, would you help me to carry this bag of full food to your aunt’s home which locate in a village right across the river? ” “Certainly. I am very glad,” said pony.

He was laden with food and came quickly to the small river. But there was no bridge over the river. He wanted to go across the river, but he didn’t know how deep the water is? When he was wondering, he saw a cow was eating not far. Pony quickly ran to crow: "Dear uncle, do you know how deep the river is? Whether I could go across the river? The crow said smoothly with smile: “don’t worry about it. The river is just to my leg."

Pony went back the river and tried to go through the river. At this time, he heard a voice saying: "pony, pony don’t go! This river is too deep to drown my friend last week,” a small squirrel shouted: “Two days ago, one of my friends accidentally fell into the river, the river took him sweep away."

Pony had no idea,” how can I go across the river? I had to go back and asked my mother.” He returned back home and told his mother. "Never mind, let's go and see." Said his mother.

Pony and her mother came to the river again, “try to across the river by yourself.” Mother said. Pony ventured cautiously, step by step walk through the river. Oh, he knew, neither like the cow says river so shallow nor like squirrel says so deep. It is most important to do the things by self. “Thank you, mother." He was particularly happy today.

Through this story we know, if we want to understand the truth, the only way is to go and try by ourselves. (Songhe)

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