Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Once upon a long time ago, a young man named Aladdin. He was a young man from a poor family. His uncle was self-centered and loves only himself. One day, Aladdin went with his uncle to look for treasure in a cave and asked his uncle to come down to the the cave, and bring the treasures inside. Aladdin was very scared, and suddenly the door of the cave has been closed. Aladdin's uncle tried to open the door but he could not. Aladdin was trapped inside the cave, and while he was walking between the treasures, drew his attention very old lamp. He took it and cleared it of dust. Then, the lamp vibrated and came out of it great and huge genie, and the genie thanked Aladdin because it was released from this lamp. After that, the genie said to Aladdin: What do you want me to do to thank you because you got me out of the lamp ?? Aladdin said to him, I want to get me out of this cave, and the genie took Aladdin out of the cave. There was a king named Qamar Aldeen in Aladdin country, and he had a beautiful girl her name "Jasmine". Aladdin have always seen her sitting in the balcony of the palace, and he loved her so much. He believed that it is impossible to marry her because he is a poor man. Aladdin returned to his home with his magic lamp. He told his mother about the story, then Aladdin asked the genie a lot of money, gold and gifts to marry Jasmine, but the king rejected this request because his daughter was engaged to the son of the minister. On Jasmine’s wedding, Aladdin asked the genie to make Princess see the son of the minister an idiot and refuse to marry him. Aladdin went back to the king to ask for the hand of Princess "Jasmine", and he agreed, but the king asked Aladdin to provid a great palace to live in it with the princess. Then, Aladdin asked the genie to build a palace, and the genie did. He built a giant palace, and they got married. Aladdin’s Uncle returned to the town and knew that Aladdin did not die in the cave. Also, he knew that Aladdin became rich and had the magic lamp, so he decided to go to Aladdin’s palace as a lamp vendor. He persuaded the Princess to replace the old lamp which is the magic lamp with a new lamp, and princess agreed on it because she did not know that was a magic lamp. When Aladdin returned to the palace, he was aware of what happened and knew that his uncle the one who replace it. Then, he told his wife the full story of the magic lamp. Aladdin went to his uncle on the pretext that he wanted to forgive him and wanted to make him satisfied. During the argue between Aladdin and his uncle, Aladdin took the magic lamp without making his uncle to feel so. After that, he went back to the palace, took out the genie of the lamp, and told him that he is free. But the genie said to Aladdin that he does not want freedom, and he wants to serve him because he is a good man. In the end, Aladdin, Jasmine, and genie lived a happy life. (Samah, Saudi Arabia, 2015)

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