Thursday, December 17, 2015

Folk Tale

In ancient China, there was a man working on his farm one day. Suddenly, a fat rabbit rush out quickly and crashed into a tree. The rabbit died immediately because it broke its neck. The farmer just witnessed the whole process, so he took the rabbit to home for dinner. The rabbit was fresh and juicy, since the farmer was very poor, this dinner was best of the year he ever had. Watching the bones leaving on the plate, the man started to doubt himself, “Even though I work hard on the farm every day, what I get cannot satisfy me at all. Today I did nothing but watched the rabbit hitting the tree and died, but I got a wonderful dinner at the end. So why I have to work?”. Then an idea was coming to him. In the next day, he discarded all his plow tools and sat next to the tree to wait the same thing to happen. He believed that another rabbit would die for the same reason in some days, and he did not want to miss it. Day by day, the farm was overgrown with grass, and the man could not even see any shadow of rabbit. His story became popular in his town, and parents would use this story to give their kids a lesson that people should always rely on their own hands but not luck. (Jieying, China, 2015)

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