Thursday, December 17, 2015

Genius Mahosod and the Cow Thief

Once upon a time, there was a seven year old boy named Mahosod. He was very clever. He solved many hard problems easily. People in his town assigned him to be a judge. Whenever people had conflicts, they would go to see him and admit his justice. And his justice never let anyone down.

This is a chapter in his very long story. A cow owner goes to take a shower in a big lake. He ties his cow with a tree and hope it is safe. A bad guy walks pass and then he takes. The owner on the lake see everything the thief makes. (I try to make a poem)

The owner runs to catch that bad guy, but he has to cry. The bad guy denies. “You can’t verify. There are no other eyes.” The bad one smiles. They begin to fight, until some people stop by. The people apologize; they can’t justify, but they know who can try. They take the two guys; they go to Mahosod’s help.

Mahosod do easily. The genius asks them simply. “What food you feed this cow?” The thief is so proud; he does take care his cow. He fed milk and grains. The true owner complains, he is so vain. I’m a poor man. I fed it with grasses.

Mahosod smiles. He tells a guy to mix a medicine. If he feeds this kind, the cow will vomit. Then he feeds the medicine to the cow, and waits for some hours, the cow vomit out.

Its vomit to be the grasses. Then Mahosod asks, which one is arch? The people don’t doubt that the one who’s false. The vomit is grasses, then it ate grasses. Then the man who said that he fed it with milk and grains are the thief. The owner receives, whose cow was thieved. And the thief runs away.

People salute Mahosod again. The news of his intelligence comes to the King. Then what is the next thing? What’s happening? Please be waiting till the next chapter. (Ariyawat, Thailand, 2015)

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