Tuesday, June 12, 2012

About a funny story that happened to me

Fall 1988

Yesterday I went to the golf game with my cousin's son/  It was the first time in my life I played this game.  In this game we have to pass 12 parts.  The winner should have less points than the others.  We started the game and in myself it was a surprise for me.  Every part didn't take for me more than 2 or three tries to get the ball in the hole.  In the golf place there were many people and all of them  stopped playing to look at me.  Really I was very surprised to win the game and to do very well in every part.  Like if a part needed three tries to get the ball in the hole, it took me 1 or 2 only.  It was very strange and I think I was lucky.  Yesterday, and should take a lottery and I'm sure I will win.

   -Jean Howayek

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