Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Little Pretty Rabbit

Once upon a time, in the southern part of the country, one rabbit family lived.  The youngest, prettiest daughter was called "Sara".
   Sara wore a very soft long white-colored coat, and her ears were very silky and long and stood straight.  Her ears moved very fast from front to back, if she wanted to hear something.  Her nose was always busy smelling.
   Sara didn't like apples and carrots.  She wanted to eat what she liked only.
   Sara was born in a place where there was no snow, and her family had a wonderful, small house.  The house was decorated with various, beautiful fragrant flowers.  Around the house the river flowed between wooded banks.  The birds were singing on the trees everywhere.
   Sara liked to play all day.  Sometimes she sang a song, ran in the field or jumped the hill.  She was very happy.
   One day Sara began to think, how wonderful it would be if I would go to some other place, which was different.  She thought of her friend who was living in the northern part of the country.  The northern part had very much snow compared to the southern.  Her friend wrote to her, saying that her house was covered with deep snow.  "I am enjoying skiing and skating every day.  I am so happy to be having snow."  Sara could hardly imagine the sight.  She didn't know how enjoyable skiing and skating were.
   Sara was eager to go there and to see snow.  She suddenly envied the friend.  She was unhappy and everything seemed to bore her.  Her mother recognized that Sara was unhappy, and her mother allowed Sara to go to her friend.
   After one week, Sara reached the house where her friend lived.  She was happy to see the snow.  Sara jumped in the snow and ate it and played with snowballs.  Suddenly, she was very tired and hungry.  Her friend had only carrots.  Sara didn't like it, but she was very hungry.  She tried to eat.  Suddenly she missed all her family and their good food.  Sara thought, "My native homeland is best."  Now Sara eats everything her mother gives her.  She is always happy.


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