Monday, June 11, 2012

Urashima Taro

Long long ago, when a man was walking on the beach, he saw many children try to kill a turtle.  The man was very kind and good.  So he walked to them and said, "Don't kill him.  You can't do that."  But the children didn't care about him and were still playing.  And then the man showed them a little money.  He said, "I'll give you a the money, if you quit."  The children saw each other's faces.  Then they said OK!  After he gave them the money, they all went somewhere.  Then the turtle said, "Thank you.  I want to take you to a very good place, so please come with me."  Then he decided to go with the turtle.  A few minutes later, when he opened his eyes, he saw a very beautiful woman who was that turtle.  And they married, and stayed in a very good place in the sea.

   -Katsue Hiramo

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