Monday, June 11, 2012

Heungboo's biography

   Once upon a time, two brothers lived in a small village.  The elder brother was rich but the younger brother was poor, so they couldn't have good relations with each other.  The elder brother's name was Nolboo, and the younger brother's name was Heungboo.
   One day, when Heungboo went to Nolboo's house in order to get some grain, Nolboo hit Heungboo many times.  He, however, was so hungry that he could not help going to his elder brother's over and over again.
   Furthermore, his elder brother was a tough guy, so he did many bad things.  For example, he unreasonably hit the abdomen of a pregnant woman with his foot, and threw wooden sticks at a burning house, and so on.
   By the way Heungboo brought up a few swallows in his house.  One day he found an injured swallow under the roof.  He cured the swallow at heart and made it fly to a warm southern country.  Next spring, the swallow which had been injured came back to Heungboo's house with a pumpkin seed.  So he planted it and harvested a pumpkin in the fall.  To his surprise, he found many treasures in the pumpkin.  So, he became rich, after all.
   But, after Nolboo found out that Heungboo became rich, Nolboo shortly got a swallow and had its leg broken purposely.  After he cured its leg, he sent the swallow to the warm southern country.  Next spring,, the swallow came back to Nolboo's house with a pumpkin seed too.  He planted it and harvested a pumpkin in the fall.
   But, to his surprise, he found just rotten water in the pumpkin this time.
 -Michael Jones*

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