Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Mousedeer and His Tricks

In this paper, I would like to tell you a story about the mousedeer.  A mousedeer is an intelligent animal.  He always makes tricks in order to get whatever he wants.
   Once upon a time, in an unbelievable land of adventures and excitement, lived a group of animals who could talk to each other.  The King of animals in this place was a tiger.  All animals were afraid of him.
   One evening, a mousedeer was walking around.  Suddenly, he saw that a snake was sleeping on a tree.  Not far away from that tree, he saw that the king of animals was sleeping too.  He asked himself how to make the king of animals frightened, so that his friends would not be afraid of him.
   After a few minutes he got an idea.  He walked toward the king of animals. "Wake up!  Wake up!  King Solomon is coming!"  The king of animals quickly opened his eyes after he heard that news.
   "King Solomon has awarded you for controlling this place in peace and harmony," the mousedeer added.  He has given you a belt that is on that tree."  Without wasting any time, the king of animals left to that tree.
   He quickly took the belt and put it on.  After a few minutes, he felt that the belt squeezed him harder and harder.  Then, he realized that the belt that he wore was a snake.  He had to fight with the snake to survive, while the mousedeer was laughing and laughing.
   Then, the mousedeer left the king of animals struggling for his life, and he walked until he got tired and hungry.  He tried to search for food.  At last, he saw the red colors on the tree.  He walked closer and closer until he met a river.
   The red colors that he saw were "rambutan" trees which were on an island.  He tried to think how he could get there.  After a moment, he shouted to the crocodiles in the river.  He said, "King Solomon asked me to count your people in this river.  Therefore, hurry and make a row from the place where I stand to that island."
   The crocodiles started swimming to make a row.  Then, the mousedeer stepped on one crocodile to another, and counted like this, "One, Two, Three, Knock, your head has been knocked," until he reached the island.
   When he stepped on the island, he told the crocodiles, "King Solomon never asked me to count your people, but I wanted to eat from these ripened 'rambutan' trees."  After that, he walked to the trees and left the crocodiles in anger.
   There are many more stories about the mousedeer and his tricks.  Although he is in the category of smaller animals, his ability to make tricks on smaller and bigger animals has never disappeared.

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