Saturday, June 16, 2012

Golden Eggs

A long time ago, there was a place called Kakasu.  It was located in a very isolated valley.  In this place, Kakasu, lived a young but poor couple.  They were very lazy, too.
   One day, the husband prayed to a fairy.  They said they were too poor and they asked for help.  At that time, his wife was nearly starved to death.  Suddenly, the fairy appeared.  The fairy gave a golden chicken to the poor couple, telling them that the chicken could lay a golden egg every day.
   This made the couple very happy, because they needn't suffer from starving anymore.
   After the fairy left, they began to let the chicken lay eggs.  Just like the fairy told them, the egg was a golden egg.  Therefore, by exchanging the egg with the people in the village, they became rich.  They could eat whatever they wanted.  They could buy a house, some clothes and everything.
   Unfortunately, a greedy thought came to the husband and wife's minds.  They thought of becoming rich faster.  Instead of waiting for the eggs day by day, they thought of cutting the chicken's stomach and getting the eggs sooner.
   So they did that.  Once they cut the chicken, though, the chicken died and became black ash.  They couldn't find any eggs in the stomach.  The clothes they wore and the house they lived in became black ash, too.  Suddenly, they realized that they were wrong.  The repented and regretted what they had done but it was too late.


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