Monday, June 11, 2012

What stupid guys they are?


Once upon a time, Yong Chil and Yong Pal were living in a small town.  Both of them were very stupid, but Y.P. (Yong Pal) was superior to Y.C. (Yong Chil).
   One day Y.C. went to the mountain in order to gather some branches.  When he found a strange cave, he was climbing the mountain.  He went into the cave and happened to find gold.  He was so happy that he could not help dancing.  But he could not carry the gold out of the cave because he didn't have a carrier, so he buried them and got a board and put on top of where he buried the gold.  And on that board, he wrote: 'there is no gold here.  Written by Y.C.' After laughing, he left the cave and went home.
   After a while, Y.P. arrived at the cave, which he had never seen before.  So he went into the cave.  And naturally, he easily found Y.C.'s warning.  Looking at the warning. Y.P. thought, "Unh huh, there's gold here."  So he put the gold in his bag and quickly disappeared.  But he erased Y.C.'s message, and put his own: "Y.P. did not take the gold.'
   When Y.C. came back to the cave with a carrier, he could not find anything except the board left by Y.P.  After seeing the board, Y.C. got very angry, so he ran down the mountain and went into his house.  And Y.C. prepared a knife as soon as he could, and climbed the tree, which was the highest in his town.  Then he shouted, "Listen, everyone come out except Y.P."

   -David Jones*

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