Monday, June 11, 2012

The Big Tree

Once upon a time, there was a small tree right beside a small pond, and a small boy right near there.  The boy had no friends except for this small tree.  therefore, he went to the tree and played with the tree all day long.  The tree was happy with hi,  And, the tree gave everything to him.  As long as the tree and the boy were growing up, he went to school and he had friends, and also the tree was strong; the place which the tree was growing was wide.  At that time, he hardly went up to the tree.  He would like to play with his friends.  So, the tree was sad sometimes.  But the tree thought that he was satisfied only by looking at the boy.
   Ten years later, the boy grew up and left home to the city.  And the tree had already become a big tree.  Although the boy left, the tree believed that he would come there.  And the tree gave people his shade to cool off and a lot of fruits.  Therefore people who lived there loved the big tree.
   When the boy came back there with his girl, also the tree gave him everything to build his house.  But the tree was happy, because the boy was living near there all his life, and the big tree could always look at him.

   -Alan Ross*

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