Monday, June 25, 2012

The Bird

Long long ago, an aunt and uncle were living in a small house.  The uncle went to the mountain, because the uncle needed more small trees.  In the mountain, a bird was caught.  The uncle looked at the bird and the uncle thought he would help the bird.  This uncle was a very good man.  The bird was glad, so this bird thought of a gift for the uncle.  So the bird gave clothes to the uncle.  The uncle was very happy, because they were poor, so they couldn't buy many clothes.  It was winter.  It was very cold.  The uncle said, "Thank you very much,"  and he wanted the bird to live with him.  But the bird said, "No, because I am a bird, I can't live with you."  The uncle was sad.  Three days later, the uncle went to the mountain again, but the uncle couldn't find the bird, so he gave up looking for him.

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