Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kong Rong Modestly Declines a Pear

Long long ago, Qin Dynasty had a boy; his name was Kong Rong.  He had two elder brothers and a younger sister.  They were friendly to each other.  Their father and mother loved them, but they loved Kong Rong more.
   One day, father wanted to know how gentle Kong Rong was.  Then he decided to give Kong Rong a test.  He told mother to go to the fruit shop and buy some pears.  Then he picked up three bigger pears and a smaller one.  He told Kong Rong to distribute these pears.  Kong Rong thought a short time and gave the bigger pears to his brothers and sister.  His father asked him, "Why did you give the bigger pears to your brothers and sister?"  Kong Rong said, "My brothers are older than me, so they could eat bigger pears.  My sister is younger than me; I must care for her."  When father heard this, he smiled.
   This story teaches us: we ought to modestly decline to everybody.
   -Simon, P.R.

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