Monday, June 11, 2012


Once in a small town there was a young girl named Sandy.  She was 16 years old.  She had lived with her father for 10 years after her mother had died.  Every morning she went to the hill which was near the town with a flock of sheep.  She did not like this small town life.  She was bored in her job.  She wanted to go to the big city.
   One summer day, she went to the hill with a flock of sheep.  She scattered out the flock of sheep like other days.  She lay on the grass and watched the blue sky.  She thought about her future.  Then she fell asleep.
   She met a young handsome boy.  He asked her to go to the dance party.  She was very happy.  They went to the great palace.  She felt as if she were a princess.  All men came in front of her and introduced themselves.  They asked her to dance with them . . .
   The sky was changed.  Suddenly it rained.  She woke up.  It broke her sweet dream, and she returned to her own work.
   She tried to gather the flock of sheep under the big tree, which would protect them from the rain.  She counted them.  Unfortunately she was missing two sheep.  She counted them again, and again.  But they were not there.  Suddenly she worried about her father's scolding and she felt a fear.  She could not come back home, even though it was raining, until she had found the two sheep.
   She regretted her mistake, but it was too late.  She ran around the hill to find the two sheep all afternoon.
   Finally, she found 2 tiny sheep on the top of the other hill.  Then it stopped raining.
   She came back home in the evening.  She knew that happiness was in her mind, not far away.  After this event, she liked her work and she loved her life.
   -Paul Simon*

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