Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tiger and the Fox


One day, when a fox was walking pleasantly in the forest, a tiger suddenly jumped down from a tree and caught the dox.  The fox was so scared that he peed on the tiger's body.  The tiger was very angry and said, "Bad smell!  Actually I wanted to let you go; however, your peeing made my body have a bad smell; how am I going to see my girlfriend with my dirty body?"  The fox was anxious after listening to the tiger's words.  The tiger opened his mouth and moved his teeth near the fox's throat.  At that moment, the fox said bravely, "I am the king of this forest, you can't eat me and you have to respect me."  The tiger was wondering for awhile and started thinking about what the fox had said.  the fox continued his peaking without giving the tiger to think.  The fox said loudly, "I can prove that I am the king in this forest, if you give me a chance."  The tiger asked unbelievingly, "How are you going to prove it?  I warn you- if you lie, I will kill you."  The fox explained, "I am going to walk around this forest and you follow at my back; then, you will see all the animals run away when they see me."  The tiger doubted and thought, "if I kill him right now, I can't know who is the king."  After a moment, he said, "OK, I will follow you."  The tiger released the fox.
   They started their trip in the forest.  The tiger carefully looked around while he was following the fox.  All the animals ran away when they saw the tiger coming their way.  After they felt tired, the fox stopped walking and told the tiger proudly, "Did you see that?  All of the animals ran away when I was coming."  The tiger said, "Yes, you are the king; however, if I don't eat you, you will pee on my body again."  The fox was going to run away after listening to him; however, it was too late, because the tiger's mouth had reached his throat already.


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