Monday, June 11, 2012

A Monster

   There was a monster who lived in a cave.  IT bothered village people who lived near the cave.  Therefore, village people were captured with horror.
   One day, a classical scholar came to pass the village with two deformed men, one with long ears and the other with a large nose.  They could hear and smell better than ordinary people.  And also, they appeared whenever he fell into a difficult situation and saved him.
   He came to be put up at a house in the village.  At that time, he was told that a monster appeared in this village around noon every day and did harm to a person.  After that, he decided that he would stay awake through the night.  It got darker and darker.  Finally, the monster entered his room and was about to attack him.  At that time, the two men heard his cry and smelled the monster.  At once, they came to the house and fought the monster.  And then, the monster went away.
   After he came to himself, he searched for the monster with the two men.  They found the cave where the monster lived.  And then, they met the monster.  AFter a long struggle, they defeated the monster.  And then, they found a jewel box there.
   But, the two men were greedy for the jewel box.  So they decided to betray the scholar.  And then, they confined him and most village people in a hole.  Meanwhile, the two men thought that one of them would have had all the jewels without the other.  In the end, they fought each other.  And then one of them died.
   One the other hand, the scholar and the village people came out of the hole.  They lured the man to a dangerous position and then seized him.
   Finally, the village people got back to calmness.  AFter that, they lived happily for a long time.  And the scholar started again for his destination.

   -Arthur Joyce*

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