Friday, June 15, 2012

The Rabbit and the Lion

Animals were eaten by lion one by one and it was time for the rabbit.  All animals gathered together and decided to kill the lion.
   Rabbits go to the lion place very late where lion was very angry, because he was very hungry.
   Rabbit said, "Hello sir, did I come late?"  "I am very sorry for coming late sir."
   "Yes you did," the lion said, "Come on get ready for the dying."
   "But first of all I want to show you another lion, who lives next to you sir," the rabbit begged.  "Then you can eat me sir."
   "Ok then hsow me quickly where is another lion,"  the lion said.
   Then the lion followed the rabbit.  After a few minutes walking, the rabbit pointed to the well.
   "Here it is sir," said the rabbit.
   "Oh yes, I am going to kill him first, you stay there until I come," said the lion.
   He jumped into the well because he saw the reflection of his own face.  After a few minutes the lion was drowned in the well and dead.  Animals lived happily and enjoyed their life.


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