Monday, June 11, 2012

A Strange Story

Fairy Tales

One who we called Smith lived in a small town.  He made a living by repairing watches.  He was smart and honest.  EVen though he did not graduate from elementary school, he knew of everything and predicted, too.  When most people dropped in his shop, they used to ask about many events or problems.  For example, there was "What will the weather be like tomorrow?"  "Who will win in the presidential election?"  "What do you think of differences of political ideology?"  "I can not solve this problem.  Can you help me?", etc.
   Whenever he was faced with these questions, he answered correctly.  But he did not read books, or newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio.  He only worked repairing custumers' watches.  So, people were wondering about his knowledge.
   One day, a famous newspaperman heard about him and visited him.  He asked the following question:   "I heard you were uneducated; if so, I wonder where your versatile knowledge comes from."  Smith said, "I am illiterate, but I know of everything about the world.  But I only have one thing that I do not know.  That is, I do not know where this ability comes from."
   After the newspaperman's visit, a news article about Smith was written, and Smith became famous throughout the world.  Innumerable people who read the paper visited him; they lined up to meet him from his shop to the station far away.  Moreover, the rest of the people checked into a hotel to wait and meet him.  EVen the president wanted to meet him.
   At last Smith could not repair customers' watches and live silently.
   One day, he disappeared Heaven knows where.  Nobody knew where he had gone.  Nobody knew whether he was in the world of not.
   Because he could not have a comfortable life, maybe we can guess that God called him to heaven.  His knowledge looks like a revelation of God as well as his disappearance.
    People in this world thought this event was a puzzle.


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