Tuesday, June 12, 2012


   A long time ago, there was a stepmother.  But she also had her own daughter, and the stepmother always mistreated her foster daugheter.  One day, the stepmother ordered the foster daughter, "You must clean our house, wash dishes and fill the big jub up with water."  So the girl did everything that her stepmother ordered, but she couldn't fill the big jug up with water, because the big jug had a small hole on the bottom side.  So she was crying.  At that time, somebody asked, "Why are you crying?"  so she was surprised at that sound and she replied, "Who are you?"  It said, "I'm a toad.  Why are you crying?"  She said, "I will be maltreated by my stepmother."  Toad asked again, "What is the reason?"  She replied, "My stepmother ordered me to fill the big jug up with water.  But I couldn't do that."  Toad said, "Why?"  She said, "That big jug is broken."  Toad said, "I can help you.  I can prevent the water from going away..." (unfinished)

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