Monday, June 25, 2012


July 30, '03

Carbondale is a very comfortable and graceful of a residential placement.  There are many places of environmental protection, so we can see many wildlife animals carefree and happy life.  Within thirty minutes driving distance, there are also many lakes that people can enjoy fishing.  People can enjoy life here because it has very nice air and quiet night.  So Living in Carbondale you can feel the wonderful nature.  In fact, just south to carbondale, there is a large state park which is very pleasing to the eyes, and you can see beautiful maple leaves and autumnal scenery in the fall.  Sometimes, if oyu go to the shop, you can feel that the workers smile and say "have a nice day or night".  Overall these are very different from my hometown.  I like to live and enjoy studying here because it doens't have much stress of life.

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