Monday, June 11, 2012

A Little Tree


Once upon a time, a little tree that was able to speak to his forest friends lived happily amidst the trees.
   The tree had many forest friends, such as rabbits, birds, squirrels, and so on.  They often used to visit him and talk to each other about the story of their neighbors.
   One day he thought to himself and realized something.  That thing that he had realized was: "I am too little to cover the earth with my branches and to be used as nests for birds among my friends.  Sometimes a rabbit will come and simply sump over me!"
   That had made him really angry.  so he had a strong desire to grow a lot.  A few years passed.  He was so tall that the rabbit could not jump over him.
   Winter came down in the forest.  And then he was afraid, because the woodcutters would come down to the forest and cut some of the trees.  But the trees were his friends.  Their branches were cut off and carried out somewhere.  He was sad and cried out all day.
   -Daniel Wilson*

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