Tuesday, June 12, 2012



A long time ago, there was a very small house in the forest.  There, a grandmother and her grandson, who was 5 years old, lived together.  The forest was very deep and thick around their house.  so, sometimes a tiger which was very hungry appeared at the house.  One time the tiger, which was very hungry, came down to that house.  The tiger said, "I am so hungry, I have to eat a person."  When the tiger arrived at the house, he could hear a sound, which was the grandson crying in the house.  The tiger thought, "Why is the grandson crying?"  And then he concentrated his ears.  At that time, the grandma was taking care of her grandson, and said, "Watch out, the tiger appears outside the house."  But the grandson didn't stop crying.  The tiger thoguht, "Why isn't he afraid of me?  I am the most feared animal in the forest!"  Suddenly, the grandma said to the grandson, "Here it is; someone brought us a GodGam ( a dried persimmon)."  The grandson stopped crying suddenly.  When the tiger heard this, he thought, "What is this 'GodGam?'  Maybe he is stronger than I a,.  That's why the grandson stopped crying..."  As soon as he thought that, he ran away quickly.


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