Sunday, June 10, 2012

A woodsman and an axe

Long ago, there was a poor woodsman who lived deep inside a mountain.  The woodsman was cutting timber daily, because he was living his life on selling the timber.  The woodsman was the most diligent and honest man in the country.
   One day, the woodsman was working around a pond and by his mistake, the exe was dropped into the deep pond.  He was very despondent, because he needed the axe; it was the only tool that could maintain his living.
   The woodsman cried and cried very loudly.  No one could help him.  Then, out of nowhere, an old man appeared who had a white beard.  the old man asked, "Why do you cry so sadly?"  AFter the old man heard the reason that the woodsman was crying so sadly, the old man said, "Don't worry. I'll help you."  And then he disappeared suddenly.
   After a couple of minutes, the old man came and brought with him a golden axe.  But the woodsman said, "That's not mine!"  When the old man brought a silver axe, the woodsman said, "That's not my axe! My axe is just like any other axe."
  When the old man brought the woodsman's axe, the woodsman couldn't express his gratitude.  The old man gave the golden axe, and the silver axe in addition to the woodman's normal axe.
   So, the woodsman became a rich man and got married with a charming girl.  Everyone envied him.


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