Monday, June 11, 2012

Do as you would have Done to You


Once there was a crow flying, and suddenly he saw a rat holding a piece of cheese in his mouth.  He swooped down on the rat and took the piece of cheese.  The crow was very happy about what he had done, and he stood over a tree to enjoy his meal which he had stolen from the poor rat.
   When the crow started to eat, he heard a voice coming from under the tree.  He took a look and saw a fox.  The fox said, "Hi!"  The crow did not reply; then, the fox said, "I have been looking for you for a long time."  The crow was surprised; he was wondering why the fox had been looking for him.  "I heard about your beautiful voice and I wanted to hear it," the fox continued.  "Come on, do not feel ashamed; I came all the distance to hear your voice," the fox said.
   The crow started to think about what he heard about his beautiful voice from the fox  And he forgot about the cheese which he was holding with his beak; then, he opened his mouth to sing, and the cheese fell down.  The fox took the cheese quickly and started to laugh.  "What a stupid," said the fox, "How could you believe that your voice is beautiful,"  he continued, and ran away.
   The crow thought about what happened to him.  He knew that this was the result of what he did to the rat, and that if he did not want this to happen to him, he should not have done it to the rat.


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