Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Basket


In the distant past there was a family with four members, grandfather, father, mother, and son.  One day the mother was angry.  "I fell tired from taking care of your father," she said to her husband.  The father asked, "Why?"  She answered, "Your father is a very sick and old man, and he will die in the near future."  At this time, the son came in from outside.  "What is going on?"  he asked.  "Your mother and I have made a decision about your grandfather; we will send him away," the father said.  The son shook and he started crying and crying.  "Please, father, don't do that to my grandfather; he is your father," he said.  With unconcern, the father started making a basket to help him carry his father away.  Afer five days the basket was done.  The father screamed, "My son, come over here and help me to put your grandfather inside the basket."  The father and his son carried the basket, which had the sick grandfather in it.  They left the house and walked for a long time until they found an empty place, which had no life in it.  The father flung away his old father.  "Please, don't leave my grandfather in this dead place," his son said.  "Let's go!" the father said  They started walking away and left the sick grandfather behind them, alone.  Suddenly the son interrupted and asked his father, "Didn't you forget something?"  His father said, "What do you mean?"  The son said, "You forgot to bring the basket back, because I will need it when you become older!"


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