Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Little Black Fish

A long time ago there was a lake.  In this lake a million thousands of fishes lived together without any freedom to move.  One of them was a little black fish, who wanted to go out of the lake and find the ocean.  One day he asked his mother about it, but his mother laughed at him without any answer.  He asked everybody, but nobody answered him, because they thought that the little black fish was crazy.  The little black fish thought about it more and more.  Finally he decided to find the ocean without telling his family.  No one of his friends accepted his offer to go with him, so he left the lake alone.  On his way he met many animals, but none of them cared about him and his idea.  The only one who talked to him was an old frog.  He told the black fish that it was very dangerous to go and find the ocean, for he had heard about the shark who lived in that ocean.  The little black fish thought about that and said to himself, "to find freedom we have to fight."  Therefore, he left that place with a sword which the old frog gave him to defend himself with.
   He had so many problems on his way, but he didn't give up.  After one week, he met a group of fishes who were looking for the ocean too.  The little black fish became glad when he saw that group.  Finally they arrived in the ocean, but suddenly they saw a big shark that was coming toward them.  They shark opened his mouth to eat all the fishes, but the little black fish cut the shark's mouth with his sword.  Before he could escape from the shark, the little fish was killed by him.
   The fish killed the shark, but he was killed, too.  He was brave because he lost his life for others.  After that all the fishes moved to the ocean.  The baby fishes listened with amazement to their grandmother's story.  That's why fish live in the ocean now.


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