Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss Clam and Mr. Snipe

   It is a sunny afternoon at a beach near Miami.  Mr. Snipe just gets out from the Holiday Inn; he is a tourist from Russia.  He always hears people say that Miami's seafood is the best in the world, but he is very disappointed about the seafood he ate at Long John Silver Restaurant last night.  So, he decided to go to the beach and seek some luck.
   At the same time, Miss Florida Clam is taking a sun bath at the same beach Mr. Snipe is walking toward; she plans to join the Miss U.S.A pageant next week, and that's why the color of her skin is so important.  She lays down on the sand, opens her shells wide to try to get as much sunshine as she can; that makes the smell of clam fill the air.
   With the first step on the beach, Mr. Snipe already knows this is his lucky day; he sees Miss Clam and the smell sure makes him hungry.  He walks sneakily and gets closer and closer to her.
Suddenly, he pecks her with his long beak.  Under the attack, Miss Clam closes her shell at once; by chance, she squeezes Mr. Snipe's beak in between her shells and he can not take it out.
   Finally, Mr. Snipe says, "OK, I give up, I will buy a hamburger to be my dinner, please let me go."  Miss Clam answers him, "No, if I let you go, you will try again; I do not want to be your meal."  This struggle goes on endlessly.
   Several hours later, a Japanese car dealer takes a walk after working 12 hours.  When he is passing by Miss Clam and Mr. Snipe, they are unconscious, because they have been under the sun too long.  So, he puts them on his TOYOTA pickup and takes them back to his home.  That evening Mr. Snipe and Miss Clam become famous Japanese foods, bean-falvored clam and Japanese-style Bar-B-Q snipe.
   It is just like the Chinese saying, "it is the third party that benefits from the tussle."


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