Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Naughty Children

Once upon a time there were two children called Carlitos and Carmen.  These two children had a kitten with whom they played as if it were a toy.  When they came back from school, the first thing they did was to fight each other over the cat.
   One day, after having played with the cat, they put the poor animal in the closet.  The day after the pet didn't appear anywhere.  They looked for it in the kitchen, under the furniture and outside the house.  While looking for her children's coats, their mother found a box in the closet.  When she opened the box, she found the cat almost lifeless.  Finally, after she had taken it to the veterinarian, the cat got well.  The children understood that the cat had suffered the consequences of their mischievousness.  Since then, they have accepted the fact that the cat isn't a toy.


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