Sunday, June 10, 2012


June 1988

When I came into the U.S.A. with my friend, I first arrive in the Los Angeles airport.  At that time, I never spoke very well.  Then I separated from my friend in the airport because my friend had a cousin in Los Angeles.  The cousin had waited for him in the airport.  Before my friend stayed at his cousin's house, my friend and I were going to stay in the same hotel.  We didn't know this would happen.  The cousin just decided it.  Then my friend and I separated in the airport.  I was alone.  I was very lonely.  Afterwards, I went to get a taxi, but I couldn't say anything and I didn't understand.  The driver worried.  Therefore, the driver looked for a Japanese man in the taxi station.  The Japanese man explained everything for me.  Also, the Japanese man helped me with everything.
   After that I went into the hotel.  I wondered how to check in to the room.  I couldn't understand everything.  Consequently, the manager helped me with everything.   When I wanted to eat dinner, he helped me.  also, when I was bored, the manager travelled around in Los Angeles with me.  I went to see the sea and I went shopping to buy some gifts and I went to eat dinner. 
   In addition, I taught him the Japanese language.  The manager gave me a present.  I had a good time and a nice experience staying in Los Angeles.  Finally, when I left Los Angeles, the manager gave me his address.  I will never forget the nice experience.


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