Sunday, June 24, 2012

There was a nice, kind and honest man a long time ago.  He was not rich, but had never complained about it.
   One day, he found a crane which had been hurt in the leg.  He tended to it until it recovered.  After that, he let it go.
   A few days later, a lady came over to his house.  She told him that she was a traveler and was looking for a place where she could stay the night.  He decided to let her stay at his house.  Moreover, he fell in love with her right away.
   She stayed there a few weeks.  EVery night she wove on a loom by herself in a room, and advised him not to open the door and not to watch.  Every morning, she made him sell what she had made, to earn money, and he was getting rich.  However, he wanted to know about it, out of curiosity, and then he opened the door one night finally.  To his surprise, she was the crane he had saved, and was weaving on the loom, using her own feathers.  The crane told him that it had come to repay his kindness, and it left.

   -Kazumi Nakada

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