Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Lying Shepherd

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd who was taking care of a group of sheep.  Every morning, he took them to the top of the green hills to graze.  He spent all day with the sheep around the farm, and he also played a flute.
   Sometimes, without any reason, he shouted for help.  It was his favorite to act that his sheep were attacked by a wolf.  Actually, when he was asking for help, there was nothing that had happened, and everything was just fine.  The people who believed him got there as fast as they could, to assist him.  Then they found out that there was nothing wrong and that he was joking.
   Naturally, the shepherd of our story lost his reputation by lying.  Furthermore, everybody knew him as a liar.  The shepherd not only didn't care about his reputation as a liar, but also, he continued doing his bad hobby.
   One day, a wolf rushed at the sheep, so he was afraid and really needed help.  He shouted for help.  The people heard his scream, but nobody helped him, because they thought he was joking again.
  The shepherd got very sad and disappointed because the wolf took one of his sheep.  He also learned a lesson: that lying is a bad hobby, so he decided not to lie from that moment on.

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