Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Man of the Magic


Once upon a time, there was somebody called the Man of the Magic.  This story took place in a city called Saihat in K.S.H.  The story started in that place about ten years ago.  It was believed that there was a man who broke into homes and kidnapped little kids.  He practiced his activities at night; in other words, he was called a nocturnal man.  Not only was be believed to kidnap children, but he also made people live in fear and worry.  At that time, there were so many problems, e.g. robbing, kidnapping, etc.  People were just about to think of him as if he were real.  It was believed to have seen that man wearing very heavy clothes with big gold chains around his neck.  He reported what he saw to the police.  Then, the police searched that area where he was thought to have been seen for about a week, day and night.  They came up with nothing.  Finally, people decided that there wasn't such a man existing, and what they thought about was a legend.


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