Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Liar Boy

Ali was a teacher in an elementary school.  He decided to go with his students to a picnic on the beach.  "we will go tomorrow," he said. In the morning, they played soccer, then they went swimming.  Hasan swam away.  The teacher said, "Hasan, come back," but Hasan said, "Don't worry."  Hasan made the decision to play a trick on them.  "Help me! Help me!"  Hasan cried.  The teacher and some students went to Hasan.  "Just kidding," Hasan said, " I just wanted to laugh at you." "You didn't have to do that," The teacher said.  The teacher was angry.  Hasan didn't listen to his teacher.  He did it again.  "Help! Hasan cried, "I need help.  I'll sink."  Now, nobody listened to Hasan.  Hasan, in fact, sank.  After some minutes, there was not a sound from Hasan.  They tried to help him, but he had drowned.


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