Sunday, June 10, 2012


   June 1988

One day, I was driving a car with my friends and we went to some places.  After going there, we were looking for a restaurant.  We were very hungry.  At last, we found a seafood restaurant.  We decided to eat dinner at that restaurant.  However, that restaurant didn't have any parking lot.  Therefore, we parked our car at a nearby place on the road, and we enjoyed eating seafood that tasted very good.  While we were eating food, a man came into the restaurant.  He came to our table and asked us, "What do you think if someone parked in a no parking zone?"  We were surprised at him, but we answered that of course, parking a car in a no parking zone is a violation.  You can lose that car.  We were thinking about who he was.  But we didn't care.  After we finished our dinner, we went back to our car; however, we couldn't see our car and we looked for it.  Then, we came across the man who was the same person we met at the restaurant.  Then, he said, "I'm a policeman.  I took your car.  Come to the police station."  Finally, we paid $100 to him.


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