Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Bulls and the Lion

There were three bulls who lived with al ion, a white bull, a red bull, and a black bull.  They were enjoying themselves.  One day, the lion said, "Would you like to go on a picnic?"  The three bulls said, "That's a good idea."  However, the lion was planning to eat one bull, and knew that he couldn't eat all three together.  The lion said to the red and black bulls, "Let me eat the white bull, because his color is different."  The two bulls said, "Yes, that is a good idea."  After a few days, the lion said to the red bull, "If you let me eat the black bull, the other animals will think you are a lion, because your color is similar to my color."  The red bull said, "Why not?"  After a while, thel ion said to the red bull, "Now I have to eat you, because I'm hungry."  Then the red bull knew that the lion would not be able to eat him, if he hadn't allowed him to eat his friends the white bull and the black bull.  Finally he requested that the lion allow him to say something before he ate him.  He said, "The lion ate me, when he ate the white bull."


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