Saturday, June 23, 2012


This story happened a long time ago.  A father had three sons.  They lived in a small village.  There was a beautiful garden on their own land.  Several times someone took apples from their orchard.  And the father invited his sons and spoke to them: "We must catch the one who robbed our orchard.  The older son will go to the orchard on the first night."  The older son went to the orchard, but he slept all night.  The father was bitter.  The next night the middle son went to the orchard.  But he slept too.  And the younger son went to sleep and at midnight, he saw that a beautiful horse invaded their orchard.  Ivan caught this horse.  But the horse said, "Ivan, don't take me, please. I will help you, whenever you need, you can yell for me."  "Well, OK," answered Ivan, "you can go back to your place.  But you must never eat our apples."  "Fine," answered the horse.  The following morning Ivan went back to his house, and told his father, "Father, I didn't see anybody, but nobody will rob our apples anymore."  And the older brothers told their father an untruth about the younger brother.  They said, "Father, Ivan must be the one who robbed our apples, what do you think of that"?  Father agreed with them, and kicked Ivan out of his native house.
   It's a very long tale.  Ivan had a lot of problems, but the fairy horse helped him.  In the end, Ivan became a king and married a beautiful, nice woman.

   -Galina Demidenko

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