Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One day a monkey and a crab were under a persimmon tree.  Both the monkey and the mother crab wanted to eat persimmons.
   "I will pick one for you," the monkey said  He climbed the tree.  After that he threw the hard persimmons to the crab.  One hit her and she died.  After it hit her, many babies were born.  The monkey left the tree.
   "What happened?" said the babies.
   A piece of mortar, some chestnuts, and some bees came near the babies.  "Why are you crying" said the mortar, the chestnuts, and the bees.
   "The monkey killed my mother," said the babies.
   "Let's get revenge on the monkey," said the mortar.
   They went to the old house.
   "We'll hide in the fire," said the chestnuts.
   "We'll hide in a pail," the bees said.
   "I'll hide on the roof," said the mortar.
   A few minutes later the monkey came to the house to rest.  He sat near the fireplace.  And then, the chestnuts jumped on the monkey.  He got burnt.  He went to the pail.  Many bees came to the monkey.  He opened the door to escape from the house.  The mortar fell down on him.  Finally many baby crabs came to poke at him.
   "Why did you kill our mother.  Don't do that any more," said the babies.

   -Akira Tomii

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