Monday, June 18, 2012

Sang Kancil and the King of the Jungle

A long long time ago, in the deep jungle of Malaysia, there lived a little mouse deer called Sang Kancil was very small compared to the other animals in this region, he always managed to keep himself from being eaten by the other animals because of his intelligence.  This is why he was very famous.
   One day, when Sang Kancil was wandering in the forest, he heard somebody crying.  Quickly he went to the place where the cry came from.  There he was very shocked to see his friend, Sang Kerbau the water buffalo, lying on the ground.  A pool of blood was around him, Sang Kancil quickly went over to Sang Kerbau and asked, "What happened!  What happened to you?"  Sang Lerbau was very weak.  He only managed to look up at Sang Kancil.  Before he could say anything, he dropped on the ground and died.  Sang Kancil was very sad.  Later he buried his friend.
   After buring his friend, Sang Kancil continued his jounrey.  In his mind, he really wanted to investigate what really happened to his friend.  While on the way, he met two other animals.  They looked very sad too.  One of them, Sang Arnab the rabbit, was crying.  His friend, Sang Rusa the deer, was comforting him.
   When Sang Kancil saw this, he walked to them and asked, "What really happened?"  He was very surprised to see that everybody was looking so sad, he said.  Earlier, he had seen his friend Sang Kerbau die being attacked by something, he continued.  After being persuaded, the two animals told Sang Kancil what really happened.
   It seems that Sang Harmau the tiger had declared himself as the King of the Jungle.  The King had ordered them to a meeting in the jungle one day.  There he ordered that every day one animal should be given to him as a sacrifice.  He warned that if this was not done, he would attack and kill every animal in the kingdom.
   Because the animals in the Kingdom were really afraid of their new King, they didn't know what to do but to agree to the demand.  There were some who tried to rebel against the King, but they were all destroyed by the fierce King.  Sang Kerbau was one of those.
   So every week, the animals in the Kingdom would meet at a certain place to cast a vote.  These votes were to see who would be the next victim.  Unfortunately Sang Arnab got the vote to be the next victim.
   With tears on his cheeks, Sang Arnab begged Sang Kancil to help him.  Feeling pity for Sang Arnab, Sang Kancil said, "I will, I will, my friend."  In his mind, he knew that he did not have any plans yet to destroy the King.
   Because it was very hot, Sang Kancil wanted to have a drink.  So Sang Rusa showed him to the well and took up a bucket of water to him.  While drinking he suddenly shouted, "Aha!  I've got an idea to help you all!"  The excited Sang Arnab started to ask, "What is it, Sang Kancil?  Tell me!  Please tell me what it is!"
   "Call a meeting if you still want to be alive.  I want to see every animal in the kingdom," said Sang Kancil.  Hearing the order, Sang Arnab quickly said, "I'll go now.  I'll go now, Sang Kancil."
   Within an hour, the hwole place was filled with animals.  Everybdoy was standing around Sang Kancil and wondering what the meeting was all about.  When everybody came, Sang Kancil began, "Thank you for coming to this meeting.  The only thing I would like to say is that I want to represent Sang Arnab for the offering to the King."  Everybody was shocked.  Some even thought he was crazy, but nobody dared to voice their opinion.
   Next morning, everybdoy was already at the King's compound.  The King, Sang Harimau, was sitting on a chair in the middle.  Everybody was already there except Sang Kancil.  Time passed and the King was getting bored and angry.  He made a fierce roar and shouted for his meal.  Finally Sang Kancil came.  He walked straight to the King and bowed down.
   "Sorry I am late, my lord.  On my way here, I met another tiger as big and powerful as you are," he said.  "He wanted me to be his food too."
   "Who is this animal?"  shouted the King.  "How dare he humiliate me!  Show me to him.  I will kill him myself!"  Hearing this, Sang Kancil smiled and quickly said, "I will, my lord."
   Sang Kancil showed the King the way to the place where he met Sang Arnab and Sang Rusa.  The rest of the animals did not follow because they were really afraid.  When Sang Kancil and the King were there, Sang Kancil quickly pointed out the well to the King and said, "He is in there, my lord."
   The King went there and looked down.  There he saw another tiger as big as he was, because of his reflection.  He roared as loud as he could, but the reflected sound produced the same roar.  Angrily he jumped down into the well, without realizing that he was being tricked.  He only realized that when he was in the water.  Because he could not do anything, he began to sink and finally drowned.
   After the death of the King, the animals wanted to elect Sang Kancil as their new King, but the idea was rejected by Sang Kancil.  He told them he preferred to roam around in the forest.




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