Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Fairy Tale


Long, long ago, there was a small village at the foot of a mountain.  There were five families in the village.  Mr. Goat's family, Mr. Rabbit's family. Mr. Fox's family, Mr. Chicken's family, and Mr. Shrike's family all lived in the village peacefully.
   One day there was a guest, Mr. Wolf, who wanted to visit Mr. Fox's family.  On his way to Mr. Fox's house, Mr. Shrike saw him and said hello to him.  "It is a nice day to visit friends, isn't it?"  said Mr. Wolf. "Sure, it is,"  said Mr. Shrike.  Then they talked a lot.  "Here is Mr. Fox's house."  "Mr. Fox, is anybody home?" said Mr. Shrike.  "Who is it?" said Mrs. Fox.  "Here is Mr. Wolf, who wants to visit your family, and I bring him here."  said Mr. Shrike.  "Welcome!  Welcome!  Come in, please!" said Mrs. Fox.  "Thank you!" said Mr. Wolf.  "OK, I will go back then!" said Mr. Shrike.  "Bye-Bye!"  they said to each other.
   Two days later, something happened in this village.  One of Mr. Chicken's children got lost.  Everybody helped the family look for the child, but in vain.  And then one of Mr. RAbbit's children also got lost.  Three days later, Mr. Goat found a pile of bones under a pine tree far away from the village.  Mr. Goat went back to tell the people of the village what he had seen.  EVeryone went there to check out whether it was the chicken's bones or the rabbit's bones.  They found that it was the chicken's bones.  Mrs. Chicken cried sadly.  Mr .Chicken picked them up and took them home to bury them.
  The families decided to find out who the murderer was.  All of the families were present except Mr. Fox's family.  The leader of the village decided to visit Mr. Fox and tell him all of the facts.  When the Fox's family heard of these tragedies, they were sad about them, and they promised that they would help find the murderer.  In the meantime Mr. Wolf was in the bedroom and heard all of these facts.  He had done all of these things, but he would not say anything about this.  That night he decided to leave his friend's house without any word.
   The next morning Mrs. Fox found that Mr. Wolf had gone.  She talked with her husband and guessed that Mr. Wolf must have known these facts or he had done these bad things.  Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox decided to visit Mr .Wolf and find out whether the guess was right or not.  When they arrived at Mr. Wolf's house, they found that Mr. Wolf had moved away.  At last they decided to tell the leader of the village what they guessed.  Everyone confessed to having this guess.  They went to the police station to report the murders to the police, and asked the police to arrest the murderer.  The policeman wrote everything down and told them to wait for any information about the murderer at home.  Then they went back home.
   A month later, the policeman notified the people of the village that the murderer had been arrested and would have the village all appeared at the law court on Sept. 20, 1935.  They saw that the criminal was hanged later.  The families they saw that the criminal was hanged later.  The families all felt a little better now, and had their lives like before.


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