Sunday, June 24, 2012

A long time ago, there was a deer that was the most clever animal in the jungle.  This deer was called San Kancil.  One day, San Kancil wanted to get across a river to go to the other bank.  Unfortunately, San Kancil didn't know how to swim, and the river was full of crocodiles.  Therefore, San Kancil had to think about it.  Suddenly, San Kancil got it.  San Kancil approached the river bank and shouted at the crocodiles, "Crocodiles, you all are pretty, good crocodiles.  I would like to know how many are in this river.  Could you all line up from this bank to the other bank?  I want to count you."  AFter that, the stupid crocodiles did what they were told by San Kancil.  Then the crocodiles told San Kancil, "We have done it, count us now."  Therefore, San Kancil jumped on the first crocodile, then shouted "number one!", and jumped on the second crocodile, shouting "number two!" and so on.  San Kancil did it continuously until he reached the other bank.  AFter San Kancil reached the other bank of the river, he suddenly laughed and said, "Oh! Stupid crocodiles, I don't care how many of you there are, my purpose was just to cross the river!"  After San Kancil said these words, he disappeared and the crocodiles were very angry that they were fooled by San Kancil.

   -Eng Keng Khor

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