Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Gold Ax and the Silver Axe

A long time ago, there was a young man who had been taking care of his sick mother for a long time.  There were just two people in the family, so he had to work hard.  He was a wood chopper.  He was a really good man.  One day, he chopped a tree near a pond in the deep forest.
   While working he lost his ax.  Even worse, it fell into the pond!!  He had only one ax, and he didn't have money to buy a new one.  He couldn't lived without it.  He cried in front of the pond for a long time.  Suddenly, the holy ghost of the forest appeared on the pond.  "Why are you crying so sadly," he said very kindly.  The young man was surprised!  But he replied, "Because I lost my ax, and it fell into the pond."  The holy ghost understood this situation.  "Wait for me," he said, and disappeared into the pond.  After a while, the holy ghost appeared with a gold ax.  Is this gold ax yours?" he asked the young man.  The young man replied, "No, the gold ax is not mine."  The holy ghost appeared again with a silver ax.  "Is this silver ax yours?" he asked.  The young man replied, "No, the silver ax is not mine."  This tim,e the holy ghost appeared with an iron ax.  "Is this iron ax yours?" he asked.  Finally, the young man replied, "Yes, the iron ax is mine!  Thank you so much!"  The holy ghost was so happy with the young man's honesty.  I'll give you all of these axes," he said.
  Later, the young man sold the gold and silver axes.  He was rich!  Moreover, he married a beautiful wife.  And he lived happily with his mother and his wife forever.

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