Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Fairy Story

Once upon a time, there was a poor family who lived in a small village.  There were five members in that family, a mother and four children.  The oldest child was an eight-year-old boy.  The father died of an illness when the youngest sister was born.  At that time the mother was so weak that the little boy had to do all of the housework for his mother.  He had to go out and pick up dried tree branches for fire, and he had to plant vegetables for the meals.
   One day, on his way home, he found a bag in the center of the road.  He was so curious that he opened it, and then closed it quickly.  He was astounded by the sparkles.  It must be precious stones, he thought.  He could sell them and get much money, and then he could buy whatever he wanted.
   A few minutes later, however, he changed his mind.  He decided to return it to the owner.  He waited for the owner to come back.  A few hours later, he fell asleep, and he saw a beautiful fairy standing in front of him and talking to him.  "What an honest boy you are!  I'd like to send you all of the jewels and a special basin which you could put every kind of stuff in.  When you take the stuff from the basin, then it would duplicated so there still would be another one in the basin.  You could get as many thing as you wanted."  When the little boy woke up, he found a basin beside him and took it home.


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