Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Grasshopper and the Ants

One summer day, a grasshopper said, "Why are you working so hard?"  An ant said, "We are preparing food for winter."
   "Wake up, ant!  Today is beautiful: enjoy yourself!" the grasshopper replied.  The ant said, "Don't worry about it grasshopper!  I'll do my best, by myself."
   Time passed.  One winter day, a grasshopper knocked on the door of an ant's house.  And then the grasshopper said, "Please!  Give me a little food."
   "Oh, grasshopper.  What are you doing here?"  the ant said.  The grasshopper said, "Sir, I'm cold and hungry.  Please!  Give me food and accommodation."
   The ant said, "You were enjoying yourself last summer, weren't you?"  The grasshopper said, "I know, I'm regretting it now."  The ant said, "OK, come in."


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