Sunday, June 10, 2012


I went to a girls' school for 6 years; junior high and high school.  There were lots of strict rules in our school.  Especially, junior high was more strict than high school.  In junior high, we had to tie our hair; of course, a perm was prohibited, and we had to cut our front hair above the eyebrows.  Students took an inspection of the hair once a month.  If the front hair was longer than under the eyebrows, the teacher cut our hair.  We also had a nail inspection, bag inspection, and so on.  Let me tell you about bag inspection.
   In our school, everyone had to bring the same bag.  some students sometimes broke that rule, and if their bag was found by a teacher, the teacher took it and never returned it.  In the morning, before the class, a lot of teachers who looked terrible and serious stood in front of the school and shut the entrance, and looked at every student.  We couldn't predict that.  At that time when I was a high school student, I hated those teachers because they caught me every time and signed up my name and reported me to my homeroom teacher.  I'm thinking now, that is a good memory.
   There is a swimming pool in our high school campus.  We swam in P.E. class during the summer.  we changed our uniform to a swimming suit in a big room where there were a lot of showers and lockers.  One day, after we swam in the swimming pool, we went to the locker room, and then, we, all of the students, noticed something.  It was a very big problem.  We could not find our panties!!  We had our panties robbed by a robber!! When the teachers heard that, they called the police and after that, one of the women teachers went downtown and bought many panties for the students.  This is one of my interesting memories of high school, and I will never forget them.

   -Yuki Soto

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