Monday, June 25, 2012

My friend

When I arrived here, I met a very nice person, A.B. at Marion airport.  I had asked the CESL office for someone to pick me up there, and she came.  I already had told the dormitory when I would arrive, so I thought someone would be waiting for me.  Nevertheless, nobody was waiting.  On the contrary, I could not get my room key and could not eat dinner.  Therefore, I was very confused and I did not know what to do, but A.B. helped me very well.  Due to her, I was able to relax very much.  She is American, but she is very interested in international students.  Therefore, she has many friends, not only Americans but also people from different countries.  She is a very good student, so she studies hard very much.  Thanks to studying, now she can speak Japanese a little bit.  However, it is not enough to talk with me in Japanese, so we always talk in English.  I often teach her Japanese and Japanese culture, and she teaches me American culture and English too.  Even though we have different cultures and nationalities, we are good friends.  I always think I am a very lucky person because I was able to meet her.

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