Monday, June 11, 2012

Tot Father

There was a small and neat house in the countryside.  Three people were living there- father, mother and a little boy.  The name of the little boy was Ted.  His father went to work in the city and his mother worked in the house.  He liked playing with a ball and sometimes his mother said to him "play all the time and you will be a fool."  But he disliked studying.
   One Sunday, when he was 6 years old, his father didn't go to work and he stayed at home.  At that time, his father did nothing for his relaxation.  He was only reading a newspaper, having some special food and watching tv during the morning.  His father looked very comfortable and happy.  All of a sudden, Ted wanted to be father.  And then, Ted told his father, "Why don't we exchange positions today?"
   His father answered, "Why not?  Let's change right now."
   After that, Ted watched tv and his father played with toys.
   About two hours later, his mother called father and spoke, and Ted replied.  "Would you repair this broken chair, little father?"
   He answered quickly, "Yes, honey!"
   He felt up to fixing the chair.  At last, he did his best to fix the chair, but he could not.  At that time, his father was eating ice cream with pleasure.  Ted thought,  "I had better change my role right now."
   -C Wilmoth*
*Samsung employees took American names as part of their program.

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