Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Brave Lion and the Girl


Amy is a timid girl.  She is afraid of everything.  She fears the dark.  She fears talking with people. playing with bigger children, and she fears small animals. 
   A lion named Dave is a small white lion, who likes to help people to live a happy life!  He knows Amy and takes pity on her.  He intends to encourage her to get her own confidence.
   One day, he knocks on her door, and says, "Hello!  My name is Dave.  I want to make friends with you!"  Poor Amy shrinks and trembles.  "Who are you?  I've never known you!  You . . . you are a lion, aren't you?"  Dave shakes hands with her and tells her:  "Yes, I'm a real lion,  but I'm kind and friendly.  I am your friend!  Now, let's go out and play!"
   Amy is afraid. but she follows him.  They go to a garden and meet many rabbits.  Amy wants to go back.  She is very afraid.  Dave shows her a carrot and feeds a rabbit.  He says, "You see it is calm and lovely.  Why don't you feel its skin?  It's smooth and warm, isn't it?"  Amy feels better, and then she doesn't fear rabbits.
   Then they go to a playground to look at some children playing.  They laugh and laugh, and enjoy the hide-and-seek.  "Why don't we join them?  Dave says.  Amy is still afraid, but she has more confidence in Dave.  "Yah, yes, let's play!" she murmurs.  They play with many children happily.  She needs not be afraid!
   In the evening Dave leads Amy home.  The room is so dark that you can see nothing there.  Amy doesn't want to go in.  Dave leads her by the hand and enter, saying:  "Darkness is nothing.  You see, you are coming in and without getting hurt!"  Amy conquers another fear again!
   Finally Dave waves his hand and says: "You are a brave girl now!  I'm leaving, Bye-Bye!"


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