Saturday, June 23, 2012


Many years ago, there was an emperor.  He was a very ferocious emperor.  Suddenly there was a ferocious fiend, who he would put on this emperor's body.  But Buddha used his blood for this emperor's wife.  This emperor's wife would bear a woman.  This woman would be Avalokitesvara (Budhisattava).
  There were three daughters in this family.  The older daughter was a very ferocious daughter.  But the younger daughter was a very docile daughter.  But their father hated Buddhism very much, and the young daughter liked it very much.  In this country, there was a Taoist priest who was very ferocious.  This Taoist priest usually tried to kill the young daughter, because the young daughter always tried to thwart the Taoist priest.  This young daughter would try to find their supernatural power in seven difficult places.  By tradition, these places were very vivid.  But the Taoist priest prevented the young daughter from finding her supernatural power.  But the young daughter always used cleverness to answer any question.


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